Common Mistakes People Make When Deciding On A Home Inspection

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Handling a home inspection by yourself might not be difficult, however, as a house is probably the largest purchase you will make, getting a professional to inspect it will avoid any issues that you may face in the long run. A thorough inspection by a home inspector will point out all the flaws and problems that need to be accounted for before finalizing the purchase.

Unfortunately, many home buyers and sellers do not understand that omitting an inspection is a big mistake. Moreover, there are others who hire an inspector to complete the formality but ignore the findings in the inspection report.

To help you avoid errors like these that could prove costly, Kevwilli Home Inspections LLC. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when deciding on a home inspection.

1. Not attending the inspection. Being present for the inspection may not be mandatory, but it’s a good idea to be there. Accompanying the inspector during an inspection allows them to point things out as the inspection progresses, and gives you the chance to ask questions on the spot.

If the inspector does not allow you to accompany them or makes you feel like you are getting in the way, that’s usually a red flag. A good inspector should welcome the opportunity to spend this time with you and respond to all your questions.

2. Taking a cursory glance at the inspection report. It is far too common for both buyers and sellers to take only a glance at the inspection report. Everyone is concerned about the ‘majors’ (those items that could contractually kill the deal), but the report is packed with other vital information about the strengths and weaknesses of the home as well. The best inspectors will include photographs in the report and take the time to go over it with you at length. Still, it would help if you read all the information provided as it would benefit you more than anyone else.

3. Playing games with the inspector. If you know there is an issue, inform the inspector at the start of the inspection. Please don’t wait for them to find it. Once pointed out, the inspector can immediately take a look and let you know if it really is a significant issue or can be taken care of quickly. The inspector is there for a short time and has many systems to look at, help them optimize their time by letting them know any information you may have that could facilitate the inspection.

4. Not asking questions. Some buyers are too embarrassed to ask questions when there’s something in the inspection report that they don’t understand. They avoid asking questions and end up uninformed about important issues that could impact their home purchase or walk away scared from an issue that could have been dealt with immediately.

The reality is, questions are expected. You hired your inspector for their professional expertise, don’t be shy about accessing it. For example, some of the questions you could ask are:

a. Would you get this issue fixed in your own home?

b. How urgent is it?

c. What could happen if I don’t fix it?

d. Is this a simple issue I could fix myself?

e. What type of professional should I call?

f. Can you estimate how much it would cost to make this repair?

g. How much longer would you expect this to last?

h. What maintenance steps would you recommend?

Use the information provided to make an informed decision. If you need assistance, a qualified real estate agent can help determine the best path forward.

5. Failing to order the right type of inspections. Different loan types demand different tests. For example, if the property is on a well, FHA/VA/HUD require specific water tests on wells.

(Be aware these tests can take up to two weeks to get the results - make sure your contract allows for the time or get an extension)

Conventional loans simply require a bacteria coliform test while most lenders require radon tests.

If the property is on a septic system, make sure to schedule a septic inspection as replacing septic systems can be expensive. Your real estate agent can guide you as to what tests will be required.

6. Forgoing the home inspections. Finally, the worst mistake is to forgo the home inspection altogether. A home inspection provides insight into the property. It will highlight major issues and give the buyer an opportunity to exit the deal or negotiate repairs or price reductions. Saving the little it costs on the inspection could cost you more in the long run.

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