How COVID-19 is Affecting Home Inspections

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In the age of COVID-19, it’s a challenge as a home inspection company to operate without keeping track of the ever-changing rules. Initially, we were told not to inspect, then we were deemed essential and could do our job but with no one on-site.

It meant, during the strictest regulations, homeowners couldn’t visit the house, and virtual tours became the standard. Thankfully, requirements have recently lessened so that people are allowed on-site during the inspection, but social distancing and sanitary precautions are a must.

The last thing we want to do is contaminate the house or infect anyone. Consequently, during the inspection, we protect the inspector, the client, and the homeowner by insisting on wearing a full face N95 mask.

Due to the mask covering, it makes it more challenging to be heard, which can make the inspection a bit stressful. However, while communication is a little inconvenient, it’s still better than using remote technology to explain specific issues during the inspection.

During the inspection, the homeowner has the option of following the inspector around or going off and measuring windows, planning layout, or basking in their potentially new home environment.

We’ve always preferred to have our clients close by so that we can pass on information not just related to the inspection but also provide suggestions on what to do to maintain the house. Now that our clients can be on-site, we are once again rendering our knowledgeable service.

Being able to point out potential issues during the inspection and calmly explaining how it could be taken care of is our forte. Besides, we provide recommendations as to who could render the right course of action and help relieve the tension of issues that are not that bad.

Finally, to the best of our knowledge, there are no plans to tighten up the current requirements, but we’re monitoring the New York State infection rates and the administration’s concerns daily. So if there are any regulation changes, we will implement them and inform our clients ASAP.

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